L.A. based Schwarzmodul’s first offering is a self-titled EP of hauntingly dubbed out tech.

Sounding like something out of an obscure French horror film, the whole EP is a mix of dark industrial soundscapes interposed between broken machinery flirting with techno. Metronomic rhythms come together like a robot built from scrap metal. Huge kicks shake your rib cage along with metamorphosing bass drones.

“Fade from black” is a stand-out for me. Twisting, warped ambiance provides the dissonant chill that I love from experimental techno, and a chopped vocal melody hypnotizes with a beautiful repetition. Percussion quietly works its way in – and is that a guitar in the background? An endlessly satisfying build that never quite breaks, but guides you safely back to the ground.

Having co-produced on the new Robot Koch album (out now on Monkeytown), Robot Koch returns the favor with a remix of schwarzmodul’s “Subraze”, turning it into a well-executed techno roller.

This EP isn’t a playlist of instantly gratifying drops and over-stimulation, but something you appreciate by paying attention. I definitely recommend throwing this through your best headphones and wandering around any half-broken industrial district you can find.

The EP is out on Track Number Records and you can watch the glitched out video for “Subraze” below: