You cannot fail to be impressed by the dazzling bass sounds made by DJ/producer OskiHaving started out creating catchy bootlegs and now having progressed to dropping full EPs, this is an artist who is going to keep getting better. We headed Behind The Bass with this dynamic force.

You’ve just released the banging Kid Chrome EP through Quality Goods Records. Do you feel proud of this release?

Absolutely, I am very proud and super stoked to be working with the Quality Goods family and my boy UZ!

Was it a long time in the making or did you put it together quite quickly?

I actually spent about a year on “Tell Her”, which went through about 10 different versions before I settled on the final version. The other tracks were written in the space of a week for each but once again, each went through 10 versions before I settled on the final version.

What would be your favourite tune from the collection?

I’d have to say “Tell Her.” It holds a special place in my heart because I really tried my best to bring something unique to the table with this EP, and I think it shows most with this one.

Where did the name Oski originate from? How long have you been producing for?

The name Oski originated from the word Oskillator (which was inspired by Skream’s “Oskilatah”), but I decided to shorten the word and just cut it off at the “i” and leave it as Oski. I have been producing since the age of 14 or 15, so roughly 7 or 8 years – but it was only a few years ago that I started taking it seriously.

What makes Quality Goods Records stand out as a label? Do you have plans to work with them again in the future?

When I work with someone, whether it’s on a release or on music I like to make sure that I get along with them both on the personal level and also on the creative level. I love the QGR team because they’re good people first and foremost, but also because they share the same creative vision as me. I definitely have plans to work with them in the future but not much can be revealed just yet!

What are three tunes you can’t get out of your head right now?

Flume – “Numb and Getting Colder”
Hermitude – “Midnight Terrain”
Apashe – “Fire Inside ft. RIOT” (Funky VIP)

Do you have any more bootlegs in the pipeline? (we love them!)

Oh yessss, there are oh so many bootlegs and official remixes coming, but even more so, more originals!

Connect with Oski:

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