Berlin-based music producer and songwriter Solarrio has just released a visually stunning video accompaniment for his newest electro-retro number “Drops.”

Sounding like a blend of present-day electronic (think The Weeknd) matched with the warm analog sounds of retro ’80s music, “Drops” features melancholic lyrics that eventually give way to the soft glow of feel-good modern beats. According to Solarrio, “Drops” is his attempt to deal with failure and heartbreak:

“The song is me trying to numb the pain of failed relationships. Sonically and production-wise, it’s probably the most experimental song on the EP. I was working on the beat with a friend of mine and that one synth sound reminded me of drops. I developed the theme from there.”

Solarrio was seemingly destined to be a musical innovator. He was born in Paris, France in 1983 to Argentinian conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim and Russian pianist and music director Elena Bashkirova. He’s been making music for the last decade, from heavy drum and bass to stunning electronica. The video is a sparkling conglomeration of natural backdrops, rushing signs and bright, contrasting colors. It’s a visual smorgasbord.

Experience “Drops” here: