As one of the Colorado scene’s most loved local musicians, SoDown enjoys a passionate fan base, sold out venues, and a personal creed he does not take lightly: that “to be SoDown is to seize every opportunity, explore new grounds, try new things, and ultimately live the most epic life possible.” He has carved out a niche for himself in cinematic bass music utilizing not only the heart-pounding bass itself, but also organic instrumentation, particularly his trademark saxophone.

The newest EP release from SoDown, “A Different Path,” maintains this core, though each track fosters a unique sound of its own. The EP experiments with a range of genres, from some light dubstep at “The Start” to the hip-hop/trap inspired “Get That” ft. TruFeelz, to the jazzy and complex track “The Future.” There is a little something for everyone to love in this EP. My personal favorite of the bunch was “Into The Clouds,” a purposefully deceptive piece that starts out light and groovy, then hurls you into a gorgeous electronic drop. Now more than ever, SoDown expresses his diverse talents using every shade and color of music to create a truly spectacular and expressive compilation.

Experience SoDown’s “A Different Path” below:

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