Each season has its own specific vibe when it comes to music, so it should come as no surprise that the arrival of autumn beckons in a massive wave of soothing downtempo tunes. If you’re like me, you’ve already made a playlist of chill tracks that meld perfectly with the brisk weather and changing leaves. My most recent addition to this sit-by-the-fireplace collection – as well as the patented makin’ love playlist – was SRNO’s “Stay Sane.” Serving as a reminder to block out all the negative energy of others, “Stay Sane” combines an incredibly tranquil sound design with the blissful vocals of Naaz.

The track opens up with a calming piano progression surrounded by echoing water droplets. In comes Naaz’s beautiful vocals, which send you into an enhanced state of meditative beauty. An ascending piano melody directs you towards the chorus, which features a punchy percussion line and clicking xylophones, reminiscent of Cashmere Cat. The remaining parts of the track are basically copies of the first few sections, save for a few changes in lyrical content and vocal modulation. Listen to the track below, and be sure to follow SRNO and Naaz for more euphoric masterworks in the future!

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