In 1992, Yael Borger was born. This Israeli beauty just graced Electric Zoo‘s Buygore stage with her brother Asaf Borger, aka Borgore. Listening to her belt out their cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Body and Soul” was like diving into a endless pool of gorestep euphoria.

Filled with stories of romance, heartbreak, and insecurities, Borger’s sophomore album Electro Soul possesses a realness unattainable by most. I like to think of her as Tel Aviv’s best-kept secret but not for long. Luckily, we caught up with Borger on her flight home from Germany. Pause, and relish the moment.

What are your favorite cookies to bake?
That’s a really hard question. I guess it depends of the occasion and who I’m baking for. For example, I make brownies that I call “Yoav’s brownies” ‘cause I make it just for him (my boyfriend). In general, I love to cook and especially bake special desserts. I guess chocolate chips are everyone’s favorite.

Watching you, Asaf, and Adi Ulmansky perform “Was It You” blew my mind. Describe your relationship with the Israeli AlunaGeorge.
I love Adi. I honestly think she’s one of our best music exports. In general there are a lot of great, super talented musicians in Israel. I’ve known Adi for a really long time. I think i was still in high school when she first came to our house to collaborate with my brother. We’re good friends! She’s an amazing person.

Why isn’t your face all over billboards in Vegas yet?
This takes time. It’s been only four years since I finished my military service at the age of 20. If you take off almost eight months that I took to travel and see the world, that leaves with only 3.4 years of working in this crazy industry. My first ever single came out two years ago. My first album ‘Yael’ came out last May. it’s not enough time to establish yourself as an artist. I’m just starting. I believe that you must start small, build your fan base, and put lots of music out. If you work hard and are good at what you do, your face will be on billboards. Just be patient.

Where did you write most of ‘Electro Soul?’
I wrote all of ‘Electro Soul’ at my old studio which, unfortunately, no longer exists. ‘Electro Soul’ was a project that I did to prove to myself that I’m more than just a singer/songwriter; I’m a full on musician that produces and has her own unique style. I had to say goodbye to my old studio because I’m moving out of my parents’ house. In Israel it’s very common to leave late. We took the studio down the day I sent the masters to print.

How has SoundCloud impacted your fan base?
I think SoundCloud is a great tool for musicians that just got started, like me. It’s the go-to place for new music. For a young musician from Israel, it’s really hard to get my music out there. SoundCloud helped me reach listeners from all over the world, and you can tell that the people who use SoundCloud are true music lovers.

Which fashion designer influences your impeccable style?
I don’t know if there’s a fashion designer that influences me. All kinds of things influence my style, like music and culture. If i really have to choose, I think I’m somewhere between Ted Baker who is (modest, elegant) and Fendi (colorful, crazy, childish).

Who encouraged you to pursue singing?
Since I was little, it was obvious to everyone that I was born to be on stage. My mom always talks about how when I was a kid, I used to make every public place a stage and all strangers an audience; we’re talking about at the age of three! So let’s say I didn’t really need encouragement but, no doubt, my parents always pushed me forward! My brother is the one who convinced me i’m capable of more than just singing and writing. It took him a while but, in the end, he convinced me to learn how to produce. Really, this EP wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him.

When will you tour America? We want you here missy!
That’s my next project! I hope America is ready for me.

Check out Yael Borger’s brand new EP, Electro Soul, below.

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