Alok and Bruno Martini are stunning fans with their fantastic dynamic, and have just delivered a sweet new tune together entitled “Hear Me Now,” out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Featuring vocalist Zeeba is sending all the right vibes in this gorgeous track. With this song, Alok and Mr. Martini have introduced us one of our new favorite genres: Brazilian Bass. However, this track cannot be limited to one genre alone, as it is an intensely versatile. Zeeba is the perfect addition, this song just wouldn’t be the same without his heartfelt vocals.

We don’t usually hear a lot of slower, down-tempo songs in the EDM scene, but this track has the perfect balance. Ranging from slick guitar to whistling harmony, into smooth vocals, this song can be enjoyed by anyone. If you’re usually an Indie kind of kid, then even you’ll be able to appreciate the sincerity of this track. If the song alone just isn’t enough for your senses, you can check out their recently released music video as well. Although a bit sad and difficult to watch because of it, this creative video is inspirational and captivating, and really brings together the underlying message of this track.

Check out the touching official video below: