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First of all, I feel it is necessary to explain that my qualms with Getter do not stem from his music production, as I believe he is a very talented artist. My personal issues solely pertain to his character which, in my opinion, is incredibly hypocritical and immature. Here’s the thing: we all fell in love with Getter because of his insanely grimy sound design and wildly hilarious persona. We consistently invalidated the people who only recognized him from the “Suh Dude” days, and were quick to defend his honor with several massive tracks from his repertoire. But now, it seems like Getter has gone all Benjamin Button on us and adopted the personality of a 6th Grader.

My first exposure to this blatant immaturity was his response to an article written by Your EDM for April Fools’ Day.


If you read the article here, you’ll instantly realize that not only is it an obvious April Fools’ joke, but it doesn’t even mention the notion of depression a single time. Getter felt like he was being criticized, so his first reaction was to vent on Twitter to his thousands of fans. What really irks me, however, is the fact that Getter has joked about depression himself.


As of now, you might be saying, “Well you can’t blame someone for a one-time mistake. I know plenty of people who used to say ‘kill yourself’ before realizing how wrong it was,” of which I totally agree. But this sort of hypocrisy has plagued Getter’s persona ever since then.

Fast forward three months to the infamous Cymatics incident, when Getter JUSTIFIABLY accused them of ripping off his tracks in the form of purchasable project files.  You can listen to the striking similarities in the video below.

Obviously nobody condones this unethical behavior, but as of two days ago, Getter has now been caught doing the same thing twice.

July 13th:

October 25th:


As you can see, the sound design in both these instances is no less similar than the Cymatics debacle that sparked Getter’s name-calling tirade. What’s arguably worse is that Getter’s responses to each incident – which can be found here and here – exemplify an even greater flaw in his character. This severe lack of integrity and professionalism create a toxic environment in the industry, but apparently Getter doesn’t even care.


This tweet is honestly a perfect microcosm of Getter’s relentless, juvenile attitude. Whether you like it or not, Getter, you have been thrust into the position of a significant role model for aspiring music producers and DJs around the world. If you choose to say f*ck professionalism, then you have no right to get angry when sample companies are ripping tracks in the same exact manner as you, or even when local DJs redline the mixer. Nobody can tell you that you don’t have the right to present yourself in this manner, but don’t be surprised if you receive the same level of childish respect. Many of us are true fans of your unbelievably skillful sound design, and are hoping that you see the error of your ways.

So for us, please just apologize. Apologize and stop berating people for every ounce of criticism that comes your way.