We know this is something you’ve all been waiting for! Excision has finally released his third solo studio album, titled ‘Virus’. Luckily, he made it just in time for Halloween!

It seems like Excision’s tracks get more intense and grimy with each new release. If for some reason you haven’t been blessed enough to hear Excision’s sound, you can simply picture the Transformers, World War Z or Contagion, and you’ll pretty much get the picture. No, but really, you’ll recognize his famous Shambhala mixes on SoundCloud, or his previous albums Codename X and X Rated.


This album has started to top the charts on iTunes “Dance” section in the top 10. We can understand why. The album starts out with the track “Virus”. Delivering an eerie vibe, it explains that a virus is about to hit our nation. It quickly goes into heavy head banging and front-row-rave vibes. Collaborating with popular artists like Datsik, Prototype and Space Laces, they help Excision with the violent epidemic outbreak that has fallen upon us. Although Excision is known for his neck-breaking sounds, “With You” Feat. Madi, and “Drowning” Feat. Akylla both offer the soft vocals we all want to here in a dubstep album. If you haven’t grabbed his album yet, you can listen to it on Itunes, Spotify, or even song-by-song on SoundCloud. Here’s the track list to get your blood pumping and ready for Halloween! Enjoy!


1. Virus

2. Neck Brace (ft. Messinian)

3. Throwin’ Elbows (ft. Space Laces)

4. Rave Thing

5. Drowning (ft. Akylla)

6. Africa (ft. Dion Timmer)

7. Are You Ready (ft. Protohype)

8. Death Wish (ft. Sam King)

9. Mirror (ft. Dion Timmer)

10. Generator

11. G Shit (ft. Sam King)

12. Her (ft. Dion Timmer)

13. With You (ft. Madi)

14. Final Boss (ft. Dion Timmer)

15. The Paradox

16. Harambe (ft. Datsik & Dion Timmer)