In January, Courtney Love and Nasty Gal worked together on an 18-piece ’90s-inspired collection. Now, the two are collaborating again on a holiday inspired set.

That this generation is familiar with Courtney Love–if only because of her husband, dead rocker Kurt Cobain–is a testament to the influence and continued relevance of their decade. Nasty Gal, a brand that markets to the ’90s-obsessed teen, has taken full advantage of Love’s icon status and paired it with holidays as ubiquitous as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This latest batch is almost guaranteed to sell out.

And why not? Dressing for the holidays is notoriously tricky. If your style veers towards the edgier side, dressing in a manner that won’t offend more modest guests can leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear. Factor in having to hide a food baby, and you’ll eventually find yourself in sweatpants.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

The ’90s certainly weren’t about pleasing everyone, so this batch of designs is definitely not all family-friendly. There are, however, a few iconic babydoll dresses that are a good middle ground.

But if you’re dressing for a holiday party with friends, these looks are perfect. Throw on the aforementioned babydoll dress, swipe a berry color on your lips, and tousle your hair to bed-head perfection. Throw on a faux-fur leopard coat for good measure.

If you look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because they are a well-timed excuse to find the perfect outfit, then you won’t have to hold your breath for long. This collection is set to drop Nov. 3.

In the mean time, you can still snag a few leftovers from the first collection. The much-loved babydoll dresses have all sold out, but there are a few other accessories that are still up for grabs.

Visit Vogue’s website to see the whole collection.