Dirty Sole, Chicago-based indie electronic music group featuring Daniel Anderegg and Richie Heller, has released the first official single off of their sophomore album FWD Motion. The track, titled “Faking”, takes listeners through the turmoil of a dying relationship, paired with an eerie music video that invokes the thoughts of one’s own last crumbling relationship (of course, nobody in the real world is bursting into flames…)

“Faking” features vocals from Jon Von Letscher of Honey Claws, paired beautifully with guitar rifts throughout the track. In August, Dirty Sole released a remix package titled Owning It, featuring remixes from The Juan MacLean. Their new album, FWD Motion, is due out on December 9, 2016, following the duo’s long stretch of studio time.

Check out the moving video below:

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