It goes without say that Boiler Room has been one of the most influential global music platforms over the past five years. Founded in London, the bass-laden broadcasting company has curated shows in over 100 cities worldwide, spanning five of the world’s continents. I’m sure you’ve seen some of their live streams shared on Facebook as well, as they always seem to have an insanely groovy house or grime¬†DJ on the decks. That’s why it’s no surprise that Boiler Room is already putting itself ahead of the game with a live VR venue.

Partnering¬†with 360-degree specialists Inception, Boiler Room is working on an innovative design which will feature an interactive VR experience that allows users to “check in” at the venue from any location around the world. In other words, you can be sitting in your room at home with your VR headset, whilst feeling like you’re inside the actual venue among thousands of other fans. Although few details have been revealed, the release date is set for early 2017 with full-fledged access from Facebook, YouTube, and Inception.

(Business Insider)