“Don’t Look Down” is the latest single from Melbourne producer elkkle and it’s a classy piece of eclectic electronica in the same vein as David August or Nicolas Jaar.  

Existential inspiration shimmers dynamically throughout this track in the form of clean percussion, buried basslines, bouncing and random synth sequences and a vocal repeating the title, which he says is a mantra for remembering to “breathe, trust yourself and continue onward.”

elkkle says, “During the time around writing ‘Don’t Look Down’ I became very self-aware that I was fearful of a lot of things. I was about to finish University, I was in a relationship, I was living independently – and with all this came a cloud of uncertainty between myself and my future. Sometimes the ground beneath you might seem so far away that looking down can only hold you back from climbing higher.”

Pulling from the designs of experimental electronica, elkkle presents a track that is a continuous groove of perpetual motion and evolution without a single stagnant moment for your body to rest once locked into it.

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