The whirlwind summer success single “Sweet Lies” has just been gifted a superb music video that captures the true essence of partying and summertime itself.

Mark ‘Wilkinson‘ dominates with this upbeat smash hit, and Karen Harding‘s Whitney-esq vocals deliver all the angst intended:
“Look me in the eye, could you tell me
We’re just another love we can leave behind?
Look me in the eye, could you tell me,
Is there really love here or just sweet lies?”

Get ready to have this heartbreak anthem on repeat.

The narrative follows a young woman who has just had her heart badly broken. She and her best friend take off to the White Isle in search of the perfect party, because what better way is there to recover from the hardships of the real world than some wild nights in Ibiza? The video breathes salty, full of sun and summer vibes, taking us back to a time before the crisp winds of winter began to descend upon us.

Check out the captivating journey below:

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