Excision, real name Jeff Abel, is back at it again, coming straight to your doorstep touring in North America in 2017! His new album, Virus, has definitely infected the sounds of thousands upon release and will continue to spread from early January until late of March. I have seen Excision many times, but I am very excited for him to be touring his new album and throwing down some of the nastiest drops I’ve only been able to hear in my car since he released Virus last month.

Excision’s new album is one of his largest to date, totaling 16 new tracks, which is five more than his last album Codename X. There was a three year gap between his first and second album, so Virus was a bit of a shocker. The Paradox stage is Excision’s third custom-built installation and the best I’ve seen by far–I’m glad he’s using this setup again for the tour! The Executioner utilized video projection mapping and the Paradox is a modular, LED-based setup. It is capable of adjusting its size to meet the venue constraints. I’ve seen it used quite a few times and the way it can flow to the said venue is mind-blowing!

Listening to the new album gets me hype to hear it all live, with tracks like “Are You Ready” collabed with Protohype, and my personal favorite “Harambe” with Dion Timmer. I believe that Excision is one part human, three parts robot, and at least four parts bass…making him some sort of robotic computer of the ages. I mean his stage name itself is pretty intense, it means: “the removal by cutting.” Then again, looking back on all of his events I have seen were just that–brutal and intense. With labels such as “Destroid Music” and ‘Rottun” and his various albums and EPs, I can only imagine what’s next for him. As he continues to climb up the bass ladder descending further into the EDM world, all I see is success for the Canadian-based producer.

I highly suggest to check out the nearest Excision show near you when the time comes! Whether you’re an original “bassface” or someone who’s looking for a new experience, young or old, you can buy tickets here. If you’re unsure, then I suggest you take a listen at his new album Virus here. Either way, I’m sure I’ll see all of your bright and shining faces in 2017!