Australia’s dancing queen Kristy Lee Peters, better known as KLP, is a quintuple threat; I bet you haven’t heard that one before. Peters produces, writes, sings, DJ’s and hosts triple j’s House Party on ABC Australia. Yes, you heard it folks she’s even in the news. BOOM SHAKALAKA!

KLP has joined forces with electronic royalty Skrillex, What So Not, SACHI, Slumberjack and a never-ending list of other worldly musicians. Her single “Ember” is only comparable to the somberness of 3LAU’s “Is It Love.” #sarcasm

Check out “Ember” below, and keep reading for our exclusive interview with KLP!

Why is transitioning from a “DJ to pop artist” your ultimate goal?
Well, it’s actually not! I was a singer and songwriter years before I ever started to DJ. I studied music/singing all throughout high school and then started writing music for myself and subsequently signed to Universal Music Publishing writing music for other artists as well. DJing happened pretty organically behind all of that as I would throw house parties and I always loved making playlists and setting the vibe with music. I had friends around me who were DJing and I would hijack their sets to try and play. I slowly built up my skills through playing residencies in Sydney clubs.

How did Spilt Milk respond to your disconcerting tweet about the 1:15 female to male DJ ratio for their 2016 lineup?
I don’t think that my tweet was the only thing that caused a stir in that discussion. A lot of people are starting to notice unbalanced parts of the music industry and in turn, more people talk about it – which is great. Talk leads to education and then hopefully positive change – in regards to Split Milk specifically I know that they later announced a whole bunch of amazing females on their lineup. Props to them!

What was the most rewarding part of playing Mixmag in The Lab?
Being able to play in a small room in Sydney and then have it streamed worldwide is pretty amazing. For a lot of people it would have been the first time they had access to seeing me DJ, so that’s fucking rad.

What pressure do you face on the way you dress and look (if any)?
I seriously don’t feel any pressure at all!

Respond to the following statement: KLP’s airy vocals and Buzzfeed’s “Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World” YouTube video made What So Not’s “Jaguar” a crowd pleaser.
KLP’s vocals made What So Not’s “Jaguar” a crowd pleaser.

Where do you secretly shuffle to “Ember?” The world wants to know.
On stage. Come see a show 🙂

How did you end up in the #1 position in Japan’s Electronic Chart?
I write a lot of music for other artists and this is one of those situations – I wrote the topline for the Japanese artists Banvox. Besides writing for him I’ve also written for What So Not, Skrillex, Crayon, Satin jackets, Zimmer, Terace, Slumberjack, Nicole Millar… there’s a lot!

Why is it vital that the public knows you’re a songwriter?
There are a lot of things that I do that I am proud of and writing my own music is just one of them. A lot of people don’t write their tracks, they have ghostwriters or they claim they write it when they’re actually only sitting in the room and not contributing. I am there from start to finish – going over every single word to make sure there is meaning and it’s all genuine – right up to mixing and mastering the track.

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