Remember Savoy? I’m sure that you do.

The last time that Savoy released music was in December of 2015, but they have been far from quiet. From playing Electric Forest to headlining Red Rocks, the Brooklyn-based trio has left fans begging for more. Soon to come is the group’s fifth studio EP, but we luckily have the first single.

The new EP, Tomorrow Today pt. 1, is an ode to the fact that there’s beauty in imperfection. Savoy has realized for years what their live show should be, but with “The Wolf,” they recognize their signature sound.

Bright Lights iconic voice is the perfect complement to the crawling bassline, guitar riffs and beautiful chord progression. This track is as addictive as it is monumental.

“With this record, we wanted to realize what our vision has always been. To marry our background in playing in rock bands with our love for electronic music. Using what we’ve learned with production and mixing, but focusing on the musicianship. Sitting down at the piano. Playing a drum kit. Picking up a guitar. It’s all a lot more fun than staring at a computer screen. Additionally, this brings a human element to the fold that otherwise couldn’t be created completely inside the box. There’s a beauty in that imperfection.” – Savoy

“The Wolf” with Bright Lights is out now for free download. You can grab it on iTunes and listen below.

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