Borgore is one of the most well-known DJ/producers in the EDM industry. He first embarked on the bass scene toward the end of 2000s and has been making huge waves in the scene through both his insane and genre-defying Gorestep productions and some of the most rampant live shows this world has ever seen.

The Israeli DJ has released multiple hard-hitting tracks such as “Forbes” featuring G-Eazy, “Sunset,” “I Love Tacos,” “Wanna Do” and many more. He also inked a deal with Armada Music to distribute his label imprint Buygore last month. Now, the Israeli DJ released his brand new single today, called “Best,” on Armada which displays a new facet to the traditionally dubstep producer.

The DJ/producer released the song with an official music video, which displays its sultry electronic record that veers away from his usual brand of dubstep as a bass-led ballad and his most personal record to date. It’s written about the ending of a relationship and illustrating the producer’s more emotional side that’s remained out of the public eye.

The music video, directed by Karam Gill, features a cinematic visual treatment that unravels with the plot and optics of a blockbuster. “Best” tells the compelling murder story of a mob boss, entwining a husband, his wife and his mistress that results in a surprising finale.

Check out the music video below to see the full story!