French electronic music hero Jean-Jacques Perrey has passed away due to lung cancer. Perrey was 87.

Aside from being a musician in his own right, Perrey inspired many emerging artists, like the Beastie Boys, and had numerous of his songs sampled in hip-hop tracks and even Disney films.

Jean was half of the duo Perrey and Kingsley. The duo formed in 1965 and played a pivotal role in bringing electronic music to the public eye. Their first album, The In Sound from Way Out!, was released in 1966. Perrey released dozens of solo albums before, during, and after Perrey and Kingsley formed.

Perry attended medical school in Paris but soon dropped out and moved to New York where he befriended Robert Moog. Perry became one of the first musicians to use Moog synthesizers and emerging electronics.

Although Jean-Jacques Perrey’s physical being may not be here anymore, his spirit, perseverance, and influence will always be engraved not only in electronic music, but in music as a whole.

To listen to The In Sound From Way Out! please check out the video below.

(Dancing Astronaut)