The original song is pretty easy on the ears already, and Patrick Baker gives the classic Bob Dylan tune a chilled out modern touch without changing the original intention of the track. The cover is an interesting mix of downtempo electronic music with a country folk twang, bravely transforming the 1963 original into a modern production without taking a single thing away from it.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Patrick Baker has been involved with Armada Music for some time now. He has worked with Armada artist Rodg on several different singles including “Fire” and “Nothing To Prove,” released his single “Call Me Up” on Armada Music sub label Armada Chill earlier this year and recently ventured into a long-term partnership with the Amsterdam-based record label.

Patrick Baker’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” is out now on Armada Chill and should serve as a benchmark for his future singles.