We all remember the pharmaceuticals CEO who raised the price of the pill Daraprim, a pill commonly used by HIV/AIDS patients by $700. This man’s name is Martin Shkreli and he is back to haunt us once again.

Last year, Shkreli purchased the one and only Wu-Tang Clan’s album titled Once Upon A Time in Shaolin for a whopping $2 million. After doing so, he made a worldwide promise that if Donald Trump were to be our president, he would release his entire collection, which mind-blowingly includes tracks from Nirvana, The Beatles, and of course Wu-Tang.

So, as we all know, Trump is the new president-elect and were wondering where our songs are! Well, he took to twitter. 

You can check out the snippets from the album below, as we are hoping that there is much more to come. He has a lot to prove. Enjoy!

Shkreli is also live on Periscope now, revealing the newest Nirvana record.