Although they’ve been together for 10 years, this duo only recently began making music together. The prospects of their success was slim, since Dana Hobson and her partner Daniel Wolf have apparently wildly different tastes in music. However, “Close Enough” stands as proof that something uniquely gorgeous can result from an unlikely pairing of two opposites.

Raw and relatable, if this track is any indication of what is to come, then we can bet Dana and The Wolf have an enchanting future in music ahead of them. Hobson’s powerful vocals lift the song into a realm of its own. As the song explodes into a beat-heavy medley, the lyrics tell the story of a relationship that fails to materialize. This song vividly depicts a love stuck in neutral, failing to progress into something substantial. It is a heart-wrenching reflection on the stagnancy of dating that more than many of us have faced in these modern times.

Dana and Daniel have been together for a decade, but they are not married or share children together. They are “in love” with one another, but do not limit themselves and their relationships to what that word necessisarily demands. They have set out together to push the boundaries of their love, and their music. After jumping from writing rock to hip hop to classical guitar-influenced and jam band journey songs, the couple finally transformed into Dana And The Wolf. The sound they’ve crafted is bold, cinematic, provocative, but above all else, it is honest.

Be warned, this song will stay with you. Experience “Close Enough” below;

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