My foot atop shattered polycarbonate plastic. Before I destroyed the CD, it used to read “Sydney’s Summer Mix” scribbled with a dried up green sharpie. Kill Paris’ “I do love you” was the first track that played when I stuck my ex’s disc into my 2002 Honda Accord – falling apart similar to our short seasonal fling.

On Nov. 3, Corey Baker reverted back to his 13-year-old stage name, Kill Paris, after a year as Chill Harris out of respect for the 2015 Paris attacks. Will the real DJ please stand up? Accompanying the exciting news was Baker’s release “Junkie” featuring Nevve and Monstre.

Despite Kill Paris’ signature lighthearted beats, he offers us a hit of two minutes and fifty-six seconds worth of potent harmonic ecstasy that quickly spirals downwards. “Could you love me, like a junkie?” Much like a harrowing romance, “Junkie” is compositionally complicated with many layers of a tear-inducing onion to pull back.

Experience “Junkie” below:

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