1990’s pop star Aaron Carter has just announced his return to the music scene, this time with an all-around fun electronic dance music album. The singer’s new album, LØVË, was co-written by Melanie Fontana and Jon Asher, who have worked with The Chainsmokers on their hit track “Setting Fires”. The album is co-produced by Lindergren (known for works with the girl-powered duo Krewella, as well as Zedd). LØVË is set to be executive produced and independently released by Carter on his new Record Label venture, Rakkaus Records.

The first track on the album, “Fool’s Gold”, already has two remixes, though the original is amazing alone. The track has hints of R&B infused with smooth breakdowns and transitions, and Carter’s vocals are as creamy-smooth as ever. With the huge neck tat and pronounced brow, it’s evident little Aaron is all grown up now, but he still retains that boyish charm that made his claim to fame. The track is about what you would expect, with some tropical elements thrown in; can’t say it isn’t catchy. Check out the “explicit” music video below:

If Aaron is still too pop for you, peep this incredible remix by R!OT.