What more can be said about Germany’s Ellen Allien? She is the founder of BPitch Records and has been delivering quality techno all over the world for the last 30 years. Ellen Allien is a resident DJ at DC10 in Ibiza and Nitsa in Barcelona as well as performing at numerous festivals from Germany to France to America.

BPitch has some of the brightest stars in electronic music with groups like Moderat, Ben Klock, Dillion, and Mark Broom, a regular Breakfast Club of electronic royalty.

Between perpetual touring, running a label, t-shirt designing, and be all around omnipresent force in the arts, Ellen Allien is showing no signs of slowly down and will be releasing her new EP Landing XX viable of course on BPitch.

Landing XX, which will be released November 11th delivers three tracks that have the energy to rock any club or festival.

The first track that shares the title of the album is the perfect track to open-up any venue. “Landing XX” starts with a grinding bass line and continues to build from there with a distorted vocal riff. The track has an almost acid-house feel that will provide nostalgia to any serious techno follower. The high’s were high, there is no doubt there.

Her last two tracks, “Not Alone” and “Not Alone, U-Mix,” offer the same acid-house feel filled with a pulsating bass and inaudible lyrics. Very invigorating, very dance prone, very German. I could see any one of these tracks being played at Berghain at 5 AM, when the party is just getting started.

Landing XX is synonymous with Ellen Allien’s vision and style. It does not cookie-cut to cater to a crowd–it is by definition a bohemian sound. It will not be for everyone but that is okay, we don’t want it to be. What we do want (and it may be selfish) is for Ellen to never slow down or quit. As long as Ms. Allien keeps the tracks running, the sound will always be alive.