In the first few years of this decade, we listened as three Swedish DJs set the standards for a new style of music that would soon take over the world. In 2013, we watched a bittersweet and arguably historic set at Ultra Music Festival in which the same trio decided to separate. Less than a year later, the Governors Ball Music Festival released their lineup, with the then-mysterious title of Axwell /\ Ingrosso casually placed towards the top of the list. On June 8th, 2014, the duo made their return, debuting six new songs, in a performance that is remembered by some audience members as a life-changing performance.

About a week before their Governors Ball performance, the ex-Swedish House Mafia members announced that in addition to their live performance comeback, a Def Jam-signed album was on it’s way. In the years since, fans have been uploading live clips of new songs to YouTube, often times to wait years for the songs to be released as singles. When either Axwell or Ingrosso are asked about the album, the most common response is that it’ll be “coming soon.” However, as the announcement of the album took place two years ago, this becomes less believable every day.

Finally, there is new information regarding the album. In a Twitter conversation with fans on Nov. 14th, the duo’s newly renewed manager Amy Thomson tweeted that “It’s [the album] is being announced in Jan. 2017 will be their biggest year of the journey so far.”

Despite the fact that the mafiosos have toured the world, sold out Madison Square Garden, and are leading faces associated with the rise of EDM, neither members have created a full album. With Swedish House Mafia, two compilations were released, but those were more along the lines of DJ sets.

Will the album contain mostly new music, or will it be a collection of the singles released over the past fews years? Will the album really be announced in January? Will the album actually happen? While it’s taken what seems like forever to find out, it seems that progress is finally being made. As Amy Thomson has said, 2017 will be “their biggest year of the journey so far,” meaning that we can expect something huge.