On top of being a superstar American basketball player and rapper, Shaquille O’Neal is becoming an established DJ.

As a collaboration with Kryoman x LexoSkeleton, Shaq contributes vocals and rap verses on “Hall Of Fame,” which has turned out out to become a huge-level festival trap banger. Though standards for celebrities-turned-DJs tend to be rather low (ex. Paris Hilton, Pauly D, Hulk Hogan), Shaq’s newest musical works are actually really good.

Though this may come as a surprise to some, Shaq stepping in the music industry is anything but new news. The former NBA hero has been rapping ever since being signed to Jive records back in 1993. Though some have either forgotten or weren’t alive to remember, Shaquille O’Neal went on to make six rap albums–one of which went platinum and one of which went gold. He also dropped his first track with Kryoman just over one year ago.

On top of having a 20+ year rap career, Shaq has been DJing under the moniker of DJ Diesel for a few years now. After numerous Las Vegas gigs, Shaq made a more proper debut at TomorrowWorld 2015 where audiences witnessed what ended up being an unforgettable DJ set. Ever since, Shaq has been contributing as much as possible to the world of EDM, whether it be DJ sets, vocal performances, or a powerful entity to support upcoming artists. 

As Shaquille O’Neal said in his own ‘93 rapped words, “I Know I Got Skills.” And as far as we’re concerned, they’re pretty damn evident.