Almost six years in the “scene” and I can say that I’ve basically heard it all. Nothing really surprises me anymore, even though I get introduced to new sounds, beats, and occasional lyrics every so often. I have so much love for the culture I was thrown into when I became of age, and had my first taste of what this music and lifestyle has to offer. The first couple of artists that caught my attention were people like Datsik, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Bassnectar, Excision and Crywolf, along with a couple more. When I first heard Crywolf…I was in awe. I was 18 years old and in love, and his lyrics stood out on the blank canvas he had painted for me. Well it wasn’t long before young love ended and “The Home We Made Part 2” was in full effect. Justin Taylor Phillips aka Crywolf just knew; he knew how to make good dubstep, he knew just what it was like to be a complete shell from a more than devastating breakup, but most importantly he knew how to hit those high notes to make you feel a little bit less lonely.

For a dubstep artist that not only builds and sets up his own equipment, writes his own lyrics, and makes that beautiful sound that some might call “computer farts,” he just knows what he’s doing. I mean granted he’s been making music and playing with instruments since he was a little guy, along with his family that got him started. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with him prior to this so I know, in small depth, the lengths he’s taken to get where he is now and the creative abilities he’s able to tap into, simply by having an encounter with someone, or even just having a sore throat and not being able to sing, to turning that into music. Justin seems to always bring the little things to the light and make them beautiful.

Listening to his newest song “Windswept” is proof of not only some of his best work but also a celestial sounding. You can hear it in his voice, and follow through with the lyrics. Of course, who couldn’t relate? Wanting to be what someone needs…and keeping them inside of you. I once had asked Justin about the meaning to a song was and instead of telling me the story or the reason why he had wrote it, he simply explained a liking for “purposeful ambiguity.” Which is basically saying that he wants you to keep an open mind while he keeps his life personal, and in my eyes that’s something only a true artist would want for his fans.

I think that sometimes it’s so easy to get swept away in a relationship. Especially when you become a whole, it’s never easy breaking free of something toxic especially if it just pops up out of nowhere like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There’s a line in “Windswept” that reaches out to me and it says, “All alone I feel your breath, I hear your whisper. Dark like stones, telling me ‘Dear…I’ll never leave your mind.’” Chills, right? I think that’s one of my personal favorite things about listening to this song…it gives me time to think, it lets me open my mind, above all else it lets me miss someone that I can’t necessarily have in my life, yet I know it was real and that it had happened.

So, go take a listen and hit that thumbs up, my guess is that you’re going to love it.

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