Xia Xia Technique has made a suspiciously quick rise in the EDM world, as rumors have been spreading that they have ties to a world-renowned rock group. With extremely professional visuals and overall equipment, it wouldn’t surprise me to see these undiscovered truths come to fruition. The trio consists of rapper Psycho Flower MC, and producers GR1M3Y-T and G3NR8TR – all current residents of the LA music scene.

In the video below, X.X.T. proves that it’s here to stay with a quasi-throwback video to the 90’s, conveying an old-school vibe filled with acid-stained visuals and overlying psychedelia. The music itself provides a certain amount of nostalgia as well, as it is perfectly reminiscent of the first wave of computer music that we all know and love. Check it out for yourself, and keep an eye on X.X.T. to see what other surprises they have in store.

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