We were able to have a quick chat with production duo Fly Flamingo about their new single “Take Me” as part of this week’s Behind The Bass – check out what they had to say below.

Congrats on releasing a wicked single! Can you talk us through the making of this one?

REUBEN: Thanks! We’ve written so much music in the last little while that I can’t actually remember where it all started. I’m pretty sure it was from Bliss’s vocals though.

Do you both work in the same studio or pass bits and pieces back and forth online?

REUBEN: Both! We live 5 min from each other but like to work independently as well. Gives us the opportunity to progress ideas fully before having further input.

What first made you both want to make music? Are you fans of a wide range of genres?

REUBEN: I’m actually a massive metalhead, haha! I’ve always owned and played instruments but I never thought I’d be writing music. I started DJing, then writing music was the next progression and now I can’t stop doing it.

JON: Initially we were just good friends who hung out and got drunk in the studio. We are definitely fans of a wide range of musical genres. All the genres. All of them.

In terms of producing, what do you always try and incorporate within your sounds?

JON: We like to write chords and progressions in our song-writing. Depth and contrast to a song structure – that includes a heavy bass drop.

Why was it important to release “Take Me” as a free download? 

REUBEN: I don’t know if it was important, it was just what we decided to do.

Do you have plans to work with any other vocalists for your future releases?

REUBEN: Yes of course… We just recorded a vocalist from Perth for our next single! We both love working on vocals.

What do you most want to achieve over the next few years?

REUBEN: We just love writing and performing music, so I guess we want illicit a feeling from people when they listen to our music. Isn’t that what every musician wants?!

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