LA based art collective, Noise Revolt, has just unleashed their second psychedelic compilation via Noise Revolt Records, entitled ‘Collective Compilation Volume II.’ The compilation was set into motion with the intention of unifying members and friends of Noise Revolt’s unique styles, combining their separate tastes into one magical flow of sound from beginning to end. I could tell you what this compilation feels like, but if you’re ready and willing, I would rather show you.

It begins with “Grain.” The steady rustic rhythm immediately brings to mind a journey through a mountain top village, winding through foreign city streets, setting out on the adventure of a lifetime. “Laws of Physics” cuts in with a distinctly futuristic feel; have you been abducted while resting on that ancient mountain top, or merely transported through the deepest meditation? Strange laughter fills your head, rising synths, can you tell me which way is up? Later on, “Space Mandala” stretches before your eyes with a circadian rhythm, patient and pensive, absorbing you in its steady thrum. You awaken, and night is upon you. In the distance you hear that distinct “un tsst un tsst un tsst un tsst” that can only be drum and bass. Follow it through, “On the House,” and find yourself in a hollowed out cave of sound, cool colors ebbing and flowing on the stone walls, strangers in body suits and onesies all jiving to the rhythm: you’ve found the heart of the party. However, your adventure is not over, and a little out of sorts you decide to “Leave Alone.” Radio-like sounds bounce around like chaos in your mind, but you hold dear to that simple strain of beautiful piano music, hold on to it until it’s all you know…until suddenly, your energy is restored, and you’re glowing, radiating sound as you realize that You alone was all you ever needed to find. Now that you’ve reached nirvana, go on and groove with the enlightened monks in “Speaker Winds,” take a trip down to the lake and let the deep synths wash over you in “Sola,” take a walk in the “Woods” as the peaceful sounds of the animals and the wind, and maybe something even older, dance in your shadow by your side. Finally, you have found your way back to your bedroom (your car, your office, your life) and you quietly reflect on your journey. You harness it all inside you as the rising ambient whispers of “Alchemy of Dance Part 1” course through your essence, leaving you restored, and perhaps, more little more alive.

Maybe this compilation will walk you through the icy mountain tops of Tibet where you’ll find me dancing. Maybe it will delve you down to darkest depths of the ocean, or set you wandering through an African city out to the Savannah, or send you tripping through a dense jungle, somewhere ancient and lost to man. The choice is yours. Gear up, and get ready for your adventure:

Hosting interactive art & music events since 2013, Noise Revolt strives to create environments that allow creativity, expression, and community flourish. In three years, Noise Revolt has expanded into a record label, and established a traveling festival lounge known as the RevoLounge, which Woogie Weekend highlighted as this years “best renegade party”. Sounds so groovy, man.

Noise Revolt’s vision is to unleash the creativity in all of us by providing a communal platform rooted in love, acceptance & self-expression. “We aim to evoke the creative genius the lies within all of us. In a society that rejects creativity and promotes competition, Noise Revolt seeks to tear down social norms and cultivate our own culture through continual collaboration.” An inspiring vision, which pairs harmoniously with their transcendent, psychedelic sound.

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