bbno$ (“baby no money”) is coming at the new wave rap generation with a fired up style that’s giving “SoundCloud rappers” more credibility than ever.

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, this up-and-coming artist is dropping constant hits, which is making it easy for people to quickly catch on to the hype. He’s slightly unaware of his own heat, but bbno$ is full of wavy lyrics and hooks that he pairs with expertly chosen beats to make some of the hottest hip-hop in the game right now.

“idk” produced by no will is up to par with the rest of his releases and features an effortless rush of lyrics laid over a low-key banger. bbno$ knows what he’s doing when he teams up with producers that stand well on their own, but are taken to the next level when he gets involved.

if u got the recipe u can make anything; just add siracha to make it heat -bbno$

We can’t wait to see what other weirdness bbno$ is sitting on. Check out “idk” below and grab the free download before it’s gone.

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