Barclay Crenshaw, otherwise known as Claude VonStroke, has started recording tracks under his personal name, Barclay Crenshaw.

Crenshaw essentially created an alias for his alias; using his own name for a new project creates a sort of alias inception.

Crenshaw, father of Dirtybird Records, is switching up his sound by moving from the wompy and weird tech house and techno that made him famous, to something new–a sound he describes as “metaphysical slow jams.”

The producer always claimed a passion for hip hop music, after growing up in Cleveland, Ohio and moving to Detroit as a teenager. The hip hop influence definitely shines through in his new tracks “Sleepy Kids” and “The Gene Sequence.” Both tracks are far different than anything the producer has ever released.

As the Dirtybird label grows, Crenshaw has taken on this new project at what seems to be a perfect time. Crenshaw has been signing new and upcoming producers to the label that encompass the original Dirtybird sound, but Crenshaw is bringing something new and different to the table.

Now that Crenshaw has made a name for himself as the king of Dirtybird and a legend in the world of house and techno, it will be exciting to watch him experiment under his new alias, extracting sounds that stem from his roots.