The next time you catch yourself saying “Oh gosh, I can’t stop listening to this track,” I can guarantee you that it will be “Seventeen” by KRNE and Jupe.

Not only will you probably press the repeat button, but you most likely will double click it (or even triple click it) to make sure that the repeat is on. “Seventeen” is truly a track where the 808 shines and make you bounce along with it. The bass is so heavy and thick that the drop alone could make the earth shake, which is a fair warning. If the song is on repeat, it may cause a slight earthquake.

We might have gotten a bit carried away but we just love this track so much. KRNE and Jupe know the power they yield by amassing such heavy bass, but it is a risk they are willing to take. Take a risk and give “Seventeen” a listen and if the earth quakes, we have KRNE and Jupe to thank.

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