Melanie Martinez’s newest infant-centric music video hit a whomping 1 million views within the first 3 and a half hours of being posted. After moving past the initial judgement that comes with watching an adult woman playing dollies in a crib, I could definitely see why all her videos are such heavy hitters on the internet. The reason: Melanie Martinez is a low-key genius.

The catalog of music videos she’s got under her belt (er, diaper strap) are all vibrant, well choreographed, plot driven, and equally as interesting and entertaining as they are strange. After seeing the video for “Pacify Her” I was immediately left wanting more, and that’s her secret! The set design in this video was phenomenal, replicating a child’s crib and play things and building them up to adult sized proportions (think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind level craftsmanship). This video was alive with glittering pastel colors, intricate costuming and flawless makeup work. Eye candy aside, the girl can dance.

Martinez’s emotive facial expressions reminded me of the stunningly talented Maddie Ziegler, professional dancer and face of Sia in her many artistic music videos. Martinez takes entertainment to a whole new level, stimulating audience’s desire for the unusual without taking it to shock value. What’s more, her love story in this video was compelling and memorable. All around, Melanie Martinez is a massively talented artist, dancer, and storyteller. I would definitely urge you to check out her other videos after getting a taste of “Pacify Her.” Oh, and the song is catchy as fuck and her voice is like milk and honey. You go, Babygirl.

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