You’ve heard her distinct, genre-blending, sultry voice on The Chainsmokers‘ smash “Roses,” Big Gigantic’s ‘All of Me,” and Louis Futon’s “Wasted on You,” racking up over 485 million collective streams.

It’s time to meet the voice behind it all: pop singer/songwriter ROZES. However, she is more than an EDM topline. She’s a force, lyrical genius, pristine vocalist, flower crown goddess, and overall cool chick that you’ll want as your new BFF.

The Philadelphia native blossomed into the music scene in Sept. 2014 when she released her debut single “Everything” to rave reviews. The same year, she was featured on Just A Gent’s “Limelight,” which shot to No. 1 on Hype Machine and has million of listens on SoundCloud. She continued her success with “Everything,” “In and Out” and R U Mine,” which led to her getting noticed by a variety of other major artists.

Now, ROZES has released her latest single “Under The Grave,” which has over 1.8 million streams and has been featured on Spotify‘s New Music Friday, Pop Rising, and more. Her deep and emotional music video for the song premiered on Marie Claire.

I had the opportunity to talk to ROZES about her latest single, her passion for music and what she has planned for her future.

To kick off, we would like to get to know you a little better, so tell us a bit about your background and how you got into being a pop singer/songwriter in the EDM scene?

So I’ve always been doing music since I was little. My parents had me in piano lessons, voice lessons, anything, so I just kind of picked music up from there and learned my favorite songs from the piano or guitar. Then it turned into writing music when I went through a breakup, and then I kind of just stumbled into the EDM route, I didn’t mean to go in that direction, it just kind of happened. I ended up writing for this guy, an Australian DJ, Just a Gent, and that’s how the Chainsmokers found me, so then I went over it with the Chainsmokers and that provided me to do my pop-crossover because that was their pop-crossover as well. So that’s kind of the expedited version, but it’s kind of just been a long journey of me going through music.

You’ve collaborated with really big names, Louis Fulton in “Wasted on You,” Big Gigantic in “All of Me,” and The Chainsmokers in “Roses,” which obviously became a huge hit. Who would you like to collaborate with next?

I definitely dream to collaborate with the big dogs like Calvin [Harris], but I think other than that I’m really trying to focus on my solo career and I would like to have people know me through that instead of the ‘featured girl.’ Because I’ve been known to be featured on these tracks now, it’s almost kind of like, ‘Ok, so that’s awesome, I’ve done that,’ now it’s time to actually like do what I want…not that I don’t want to do that, but it’s something that has obviously opened up my career, it’s just it would be nice to take on the world as a pop artist like Sia and Adele have.

You recently released your single “Under The Grave,” which has an electro-pop sound to it & it’s already receive a lot of great feedback with almost 2 million streams! How did the song come to life? What was your inspiration for it?

I was just out in L.A. and I was adjusting to being in the music industry, and it became overwhelming for me and I became unavailable emotionally, so it just put me in this place where I was being overworked by this lifestyle and things like that and I wasn’t there for my friends and something happened back home where all my friend needed me, and I was emotionally unavailable, I wasn’t able to react the way I should have because I had been so selfish and trying to get things straight after being thrown into the music industry kind of. So “Under The Grave” is my open apology to them, it’s kind of me asking myself, ‘When did I become numb and when did I become this person where I’ve taken people I love for granted?’ So I just kind of wanted to have them understand that I was so sorry that I was willing to throw myself under the bus in front of the public.

It really sounds like it’s a really emotional song. Would you say that it’s one of your most personal and close-to-the-heart songs?

Yeah! I think it is my most personal song because the people know it’s about them. It’s something that every time I sing it, they know its about them and its like, shit, ‘We get your going through a hard time.’ It’s hard because they needed me, but then they understand that my life has been totally flipped upside down.

Yes, I was watching the music video, and it even looks very heartfelt. I was also reading some of the comments on the song’s YouTube video and a lot of people were comparing you to Sia. Would you say she’s an influence on you? Who are some of your other influences?

I definitely think she’s a big influence of mine. I think it’s a huge compliment that people would say that. I’ve read a comment that said, ‘Did Sia write this?’ To me that is the highest compliment because I think Sia is one of the best writers. And for people to think that is just amazing, but she is one of my big idols and inspirations. I also love No Doubt, they have that reggae vibe to me, and Adele as far as vulnerability, I definitely look up to her for that. Amy Winehouse is definitely a huge influence of mine, maybe even more so than Sia. And Nora Jones…all of these honest artists.

What’s next to come for you that fans can look forward to? I know you released an EP, Burn Wild, but are there any plans for an album?

I do have plans for a full-length. I’m going on a couple tour dates throughout November and in June a few dates with Gryffin. I’ve also been writing a lot in the industry for other artists, so it’s just me working on more music and getting ready to release new things and hopefully “Under The Grave” is on the radio, so that’ll be fun, that would be my first solo artist single right now. So it’s all exciting!

And to wrap it up, we love getting personal with artists, so, tell us three things that we don’t know about you.

I guess one fact is that I am obsessed with ‘The Grinch,’ like obsessed, like Jim Carrey ‘The Grinch.’ I cannot not watch it. I like to surf, I think that’s something not a lot of people know about me. I have a huge fear of heights. I’m like deathly afraid of heights. I went to an NHL hockey game and I was way up hight, and I was like ‘Oh my god, I’m gonna puke.’

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