The world has been waiting for a new Flume compilation since the release of Skin in May of this year. The 16-track album won numerous awards and is now being followed up with the Skin Companion EP, which is essentially a B-side to Skin.

The Skin Companion collection is only officially available in vinyl format, but thanks to the Internet, we have all of the tracks on hand. The EP comes at a perfect time, as fans are still on an emotional high from his most recent work while he continues his world tour, selling out events more quickly than he’s announcing them.

Check out the full Skin Companion EP below, courtesy of HYPELIST.

“TRUST” feat. Isabella Manifredi is a glittery treasure, which is like a mix between his nostalgic tracks, such as “When Everything Was New,” and his indie pop inspired work circa 2012.

“V” is a vibey tune, which shows us that Flume’s attention to detail is as alive as ever. How he manifests so much emotion into his tracks is something that I will never be able to understand. If any song on Companion could be longer, I would wish it to be this one.

“Heater” is the third track we have the pleasure of listening to and the most cohesive with his release of Skin. It is obviously … a heater (sorry). I suggest listening to this one in full because the track is completely redefined after it switches course about halfway through.

Coming in last, we have “Quirk,” which is my favorite of the four (if I had to choose). The track was revealed about a week ago and features heart-melting vocals, along with a brilliant production that only Flume could devise. It’s a slowed down and gripping exit to a diverse EP that proves, once again, why Flume is absolutely and unabashedly one of a kind.

The Flume EP is now available. Grab it here.