Kaskade & deadmau5.

Skrillex & Diplo.

Gesaffelstein & Brodinski.

A list of legendary collaborations that have blessed the electronic music scene over the past decade.

What about one of the most legendary hip-hop groups of all time mixed with the two most famous masked men to take on the French electro scene?

If the two made a baby, he/she would need to enter Witness Protection Program; the kid would be utterly famous and far too talented.

A Canadian producer, that goes by the name of Coins, created an entire album of remixed Beastie Boys hits, comprised entirely of Daft Punk samples.

The 8-track album, called Daft Science, disassembles multiple Daft Punk tracks, combining various elements with an assortment of Beastie Boys songs. Coins created this masterpiece two years ago, but it just recently emerged from the depths of Reddit. Luckily, this gem of a mashup surfaced the Internet and even better, you can download it for free here.