Talented LA bass producer Henry Pope just put out a glitch hop number and accompanying video that is sure to leave you dazzled, if not a little disturbed.

The cover art for this number made me think instantly of the dramatic 2010 film Black Swan, leading me to assume this track would be filled with dark arpeggios and cinematic drops (think Requiem for a Dream‘s soundtrack). The track is instead a shimmering, haunting rock opera banger that begs to be played on repeat. The music video a disturbing dramatic stir of struggle, heartbreak, insanity, and how pain can be the catalyst in our transition into our higher selves.

Experience it below:

“SWANS” features ethereal vocals by Sarah Llewellyn and expertly executed drums by Littlefoot. Llewellyn stylized the carefully crafted choreography featuring members of Lucent Dossiser, a LA cirque-style avant-garde circus of sorts.

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