One of Scotland’s biggest music festivals, T in the Park, was forced to cancel their 2017 edition.

No, it was not due to Scottish teenagers drinking too much or elders complaining of the noise; it was due to a unique situation–the endangered osprey birds and their nests. T in the Park changed the location of their venue two years ago and to their surprise, the new venue housed a legally-protected osprey’s nest. This welcomed profound stresses in hiring extra staff and rerouting traffic. T in the Park tried their hardest, but the ospreys won and T in the Park decided to postpone their 2017 edition.

This is far from the end to T in the Park, however. After 20 years of production, the company decided to take a gap year and posted this comment to Facebook: “As the build up to the festival was well underway we were informed by Scottish Government Ministers that we would have to apply for full Planning Permission due to the presence of an unregistered, but protected in law, osprey’s nest,” T in the Park wrote. “The constraints – logistically and financially – that the resulting planning conditions put upon us are simply not workable.”

This poses an almost comedic irony to the Simpsons episode where the family had to deal with the endangered “Screamapillar.”

(Dancing Astronaut)