When I think of the word Osiris, the first image that comes to mind is the late 90’s excessively cushioned skateboard shoe. Stööki Sound had a more intellectual creative process when deciding on their debut EP’s title. Osiris is the Egyptian God of Transition, Resurrection and Regeneration. The duo’s DJs Lukey and Jelacee felt like caterpillars in their cocoons ready to bust out butterfly style. Stööki took it one step further, getting all philosophical on us; their album’s intro is titled “Revive” and the closing song “Survive,” signifying the pair’s musical evolution. They even have the Bollywood-centric “Endz,” for the trap queen rump shakers up in here.

I don’t know of many DJs that can get away with an opening track filled to the brim with operatic lullabies and horror movie melodies. The closing line of “Revive” is a girl seductively whispering “Stööki Sound” into the mic; this technique is unoriginal at best but is still used by countless musicians today. Luckily, DJ Lukey and Jelacee don’t need to rely on that crutch with their one-of-a-kind genre smorgasbord. Delish!

Their latest work Ösiris is a cohesive fusion of grime, trap, electronica, hip-hop and original rap vocals. Ösiris reeks of originality, and is one of those albums that grows on you even when you play it in the least “lit af” places, such as the bathroom shower before work (like me). #noshame

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