Carl Cox: Space is The Place, Resident Advisor’s next film, aired today on UK Station Channel 4.

Channel 4 and RA collaborated to create a piece that follows Carl Cox on his last 2016 Ibiza tour. The film covers everything from the beginning, starting at Music is Revolution in June, up until its closing in September. Within 45 minutes, the film gives an inside perspective to Cox’s life, while portraying the changing club culture currently taking place in Ibiza. Not only has the club scene shifted, but the future of Cox’s career has taken a drastic turn.

In Oct. 2016, the legendary Space Ibiza officially closed its doors, where Cox’s Music is Revolution party began. After losing one of the most widely-known and loved clubs in the world, it was truly a game changer for the producer/DJ and the Ibiza club scene; VIP culture has become even more prominent than ever.

The film aired today at 12:05 a.m. on Channel 4 and will soon be available to watch on All 4 and Resident Advisor on Dec. 2nd.

Preview the movie here:

(Resident Advisor)