Spotify is no stranger when it comes teaming up with some of the world’s leading music entities. Already having an existing partnership with Songkick, the music streaming behemoth now has a partnership with Ticketmaster in the works.

The company’s brand new partnership with Ticketmaster will supply users with an improved Spotify experience by providing links to concert listings and tickets directly in millions of fans’ inboxes. They will also be integrating Ticketmaster’s concert listings into artist pages, the recommended concerts feature, and emails.

Working directly with Ticketmaster and Songkick will give users “the most diverse options for live events and will help drive more fans to concerts.” Combining listening data with purchase behavior will result in extremely specialized recommendations for fans, therefore furthering Spotify’s continued status as the world’s No. 1 music streaming app.

This new partnership will rival that of Pandora and Ticketfly, with the former’s 2015 acquisition of the latter resulting in a similar streaming-ticketing union. It also comes shortly after the announcement of Amazon’s brand new ticketing service.

Spotify’s official statement on their partnership with Ticketmaster can be found here.

(Dancing Astronaut)