Jumpa truly drops a dime with his new killer track “Wasted.” Bringing on the lovely Ilira to provide the vocals to this utterly dark sequence of sounds was an amazing move.

The production of this track is remarkable in the sense of the instrumental experimentation. We hear some sort of string instrument that is bent in pitch to sound nothing like it was intended to but it works well with “Wasted” because, well, because it gives you the feel of being wasted. The funny part is, the beginning of the song has the recognizable bell sounds of every other trap song, but here the heavy drop of drums on a hip-hop beat and are blown away when Ilira sings with a sense of being wasted but still utterly irresistible.

You can listen to “Wasted” anytime; from starting out your night to partying at the club to rolling up back home, it always works, which is the perfect description of a great track. Jumpa brings the heat and we hope you can handle, it because we are daring you to try.

Check out “Wasted” below:

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