Get ready folks. KRNE has just released his last single before even releasing his anticipated debut album. KRNE has released three singles so far this past month (Numb, Seventeen and PCP) all of which have very similar artwork, so we can safely assume that these singles will all be on the album.

Numb is a clear KRNE track. It’s airy, clangy, but also very bass heavy and cohesive. It does, however, contrast to his usual style with the smooth R&B vocals, which is not something we don’t hear very often with KRNE, but it fits in just right. These recent tunes have been some of his finest work to date, so we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

This track features the curious SAINTS, whose only post on SoundCloud is a repost of this song and boasts a modest 500 followers. Anyone who follows KRNE knows that he is the king of collabs. He even has made an entirely separate SoundCloud, SESSIONS, where he says he will try to work with as many artists as he has time for. SESSIONS also serves as an “open format label of sorts” where KRNE will host the collabs and help promote the work of his friends and fans. We can only imagine which special collaborations he’s picked for his album, although we do know that he has been sitting on a track with Ekali

Check out “Numb” below:

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