What do most adult children need an abundance of every weekday? Coffee, obviously. I bet you tell the Starbucks barista to leave just a teeny bit of room for milk and sugar; this daily routine was the imagery that popped up in my head when I first listened to Delta Heavy’s newest single “Bar Fight.” It has a perfect dark roast blend of punk rock and drumstep.

Delta Heavy’s Simon James and Ben Hall’s song lyrics fit their meticulous choice of instrumentals including a taste of hi-hat drums and guitar riffs. Vulgarity is sprinkled throughout “Bar Fight,” perfectly complementing the listener’s riotous experience. Although James and Hall cannot offer caffeine to make your morning commute bearable, you can catch them on iHeart Radio via ‘Paradise Lost Radio,’ which features the very best in drumĀ and bass/bass musicĀ for one hour every second Friday at 9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST Saturdays, or on their 25+ date world tour (if you dare).


07.12.16 – San Francisco, CA, US
08.12.16 – Santa Ana, CA, US
14.12.16 – San Antonio, TX, US
15.12.16 – St Louis, MO, US
16.12.16 – Chicago, IL, US
16.12.16 – Ostrava, CZ
22.12.16 – Salt Lake City, UT
31.12.16 – Seattle, WA, US
31.12.16 – London, UK
13.01.17 – Portland, OR
14.01.17 – Colorado Springs, CO
18.01.17 – Wellington, NZ
19.01.17 – Queenstown, NZ
20.01.17 – Christchurch, NZ
21.01.17 – Auckland, NZ
25.01.17 – Brisbane, QL, AU
26.01.17 – Adelaide, SA, AU
27.01.17 – Sydney, NSW, AU
28.01.17 – Perth, WA, AU
28.01.17 – Perth, WA, AU
11.02.17 – Cologne, DE

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