Symphonic Distribution, one of the the world’s leading music distributors, is celebrating its 10th year in business–which is basically a lifetime in music industry years. Symphonic, which is also Noiseporn’s parent company, has just announced a live streaming event of epic proportions in honor of its anniversary.

Symphonic Live will take place on Thursday, Dec. 8th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., so you can catch it at any time of the day for a musical pick-me-up with sets from Reid Speed, Action Jackson, Abducted Records and more.


For the past ten years, Symphonic Distribution has been providing record labels and artists worldwide with top-of-the-line solutions and tools to spread their music, alongside unparalleled customer support. Ever since the company’s launch in 2006, it has become one of the leading distributors for thousands of independent artists by focusing on the delivery of music to stores, emerging platforms, and other download and streaming sites. Symphonic Distribution’s impressively passionate team offers heaps of other solutions for artists and record labels alike, which you can check out here.

Symphonic Live will give viewers a taste of unique music styles from different parts of the world conveniently all in one sitting – from anywhere.

President and CEO of Symphonic Distribution, Jorge Brea, is proud of the impact that the company has been able to make on the music community and record labels in the past ten years, stating:

“Symphonic Distribution began on December 6, 2008. There wasn’t a bank loan, no investment capital from a VC firm like you see every day, just an idea and the willingness to work hard to see a dream to come to fruition.

Throughout those same years, like every business, we have had our challenges, great days, bad days, and all around, confusing days. With every day bringing a new challenge. The one constant that sticks in my mind is that we are only here because of the art, craft, and talent of every musician, record label, and distributor that we handle distribution for.

10 years have passed since Symphonic was born but, the next 10 years do promise to be a great one. We are working hard to reinvest into the company to make it a better resource for each and every content creator. There will be better technology, better service, better pricing, and a strong message that is all dedicated to the musician to help them rise.”

Check out Symphonic Live on Dec. 8th for an incredible live stream, which will include some of the company’s impressive US clients: Reid Speed with Play Me Records in Los Angeles, Action Jackson with Rad Summer in Indianapolis, Dynasty in Tampa, Keith MacKenzie and DJ Fixx with iLLEVEN ELLEVEN in Chicago, Witty Tunes in Washington DC, Damn Son! in Utah, and Abducted Records in Las Vegas. Also joining the stream will be Symphonic’s international clients, inlcuding FlexB in Brazil, Gnómico Meka in the Dominican Republic, Justin James with refused. in Canada, Mark Dekoda with Bosphorus Underground Recordings in Turkey, Zombie Kids in Spain, and Vintage Music Label located in the UK.

Check out some of the artists who will be appearing on Symphonic Live below and head over to their Facebook page or blog for more information.