This week stepping up for our Behind The Bass is Amsterdam based producer OIJ, who continues to dazzle with his innovative style of electronic music. Check out what he had to say to us in this exclusive interview.

We’ve been playing “Back To The Start” endlessly since we heard it! How would you describe this one in three words?

Fresh, uplifting, OIJ.

What new elements did you want to bring into the production?

I tried to put in a bunch of organic samples, for example there’s a clock that I sampled and modified to build the beat. Furthermore, I tried to keep the vibe very punchy throughout the choruses.

You worked with vocalist Gia Koka on the single. Had you previously worked together – and if not, how did you discover her?

We had been in touch through some people we worked with, though we had never worked together before. I had the song done mostly with my own vocals, but was not completely satisfied with it. I sent Gia Koka the instrumentals and she came back to me within an hour or two with this amazing vocal. From that moment I knew right away that this was going to be the first track where I had guest vocals.

What/who do you consider your all-time musical inspiration?

There are/were many people who inspire, and have inspired, me in a big way. When I was little I listened to a wide variety of music, ranging from Michael Jackson to Snoop Dogg or for example Big Punisher. Nowadays I am still very open minded to different genres. Recently I’ve been listening to James Blake, Flume, FKA Twigs, Bryson Tiller, Tove Lo, Banks, Drake, and many more.

If you could work with anyone on a track, who would you pick and why?

I’d love to work with any of the above mentioned artists. They all have their own unique sound and skill. For Drake, I really like how you just slide through the tracks. He has a flow that is amazingly smooth and easy to listen to. Flume would be an interesting collaboration, as he also produces and doesn’t do vocals. It would be nice to do a feature on a track of his someday.

If you could design your dream studio, what would it look like?

Currently I have a pretty nice studio. It works pretty well for what I do. If I had to build a dream studio from scratch, I would however try to bring in some light from the outside. I’d love to have a studio with an ocean view, so that I can look out the window from inside the studio and look out over the ocean. It’d be nice if it was in a nice climate as well. Amsterdam tends to be quite cold and rainy over here. Maybe I should move to LA, which I am actually planning to visit soon!

What is up next for you in terms of releases?

Currently I’m putting the last finishing touches to my second EP, which will come out in the beginning of 2017. I’m happy “Back To The Start” is doing so well right now and can’t wait to share the rest of the EP with everyone. It has an interesting mix of sounds and styles, including a track where I have a rapper doing a feature (which is also a first for me, just like having a guest vocal on “Back To The Start”).

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