After releasing a minimix and livestreaming a rehearsal of his updated stage show on YouTube, deadmau5 has released his next LP ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ (pronounced “w drive 2016 album”) on mau5trap.

The album features no less than electronic mastery in the form of twelve genre-spanning tracks such as Toronto Maple Leafs theme song “2448,” Imaginary Friends,” and “Let Go (feat. Grabbitz).”

Aside from the main singles, techy gem “Deus Ex Machina” stands out as a minimal exploration in tech house and groove. The hypnotic bass is complimented by constantly evolving percussion and sound effects building up to a break of beautiful ambience before dropping right back in where it left off.

“Glish” is one I’m personally glad to see on this album, and if you’ve followed the production of this tune through deadmau5’s livestreams, you might agree. Just a simple and brilliantly produced piece of electronica.

Fans of Boards of Canada might pick up familiar vibes from “Snowcone,” a melodic and chilled out track almost certainly inspired by deadmau5’s own love for the Scottish electronic music duo.

In the coming weeks, fans will have access to exclusive content including the 360-degree livestream YouTube performance, 360-degree and standard format performance videos of the lead single “Let Go (feat. Grabbitz),” and behind the scenes videos of his iconic LED cube.

You can catch deadmau5’s tour dates here.

Stream the full album below: