Yearning for your plurmate? Do you feel like your only options are Tinder or OKCupid? Don’t fret; Unlike Pluto understands what it’s like getting kicked right in the feels. Armond Arabshahi’s (Unlike Pluto) recent release “Someone New” is a culmination of lovesick vibes minus Bruno Mars.

UK musical theater maven, Desi Valentine, throws down heavy soulful vocals. “Where’s my angel? Runnin’ out of time. I just wanna be with you, be with you. ‘Till the day I die.” Valentine pleads with his audience for a chance to become acquainted with “the one”. He’s ready. He wants it. He wants you to give it to him softly.

What’s most impressive is Arabshahi’s ability to back away from the overwhelming drops, fog horns and synthesizers that pollute dance music when used too frequently. “Someone New” is a simple and vulnerable hit that holds relevance in every individual’s life: the basic human need of unconditional love.

Experience “Someone New” below:

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